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Hot air ballon rise & Kundalini yoga

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Inhale exhale relax

Upgrade your vacation with a fairy-tale experience.

Rise high in the morning silence with a hot air balloon over the beautiful landscape of Bled and its surrounding.

Our certified kundalini yoga teacher will guide you to explore your soul, rejuvenate, energise and awaken your creative potential. Join us in the garden! Revitalise, get energised and meditate with us. 

What to

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Early morning pick up

The balloon crew will pick you up early in the morning, normaly betwen five and six am in our house Bajtica.


Rising above Bled lake

Then you board and the pilot takes you to heights and unforgettable moments. On the flight, you actually fly over the Julian Alps and observe Triglav from afar. The flight lasts at least two to three hours, then we land in a suitable place. The ground team accompanies you all the time on the ground and also lands the balloon after landing.


Return to Bajtica

Then we return to Bled, where we write and award you a diploma, which proves the honorary and noble title of Baron or Baroness. Returning back home to Bajtica.


Driving to start location

The take-off point is determined by the direction and speed of the wind, because the balloon travels only with the wind. Upon arrival at the takeoff, the ground team places the balloon in about 15-20 minutes.


Landing with champagne

After landing the traditional rite of "balloon baptism" takes place. If you meet all the necessary conditions, you are appointed a noble Baron or Baroness, and you get your name after the place of landing. An obligatory part of this ritual is a toast with a glass of top-quality champagne,


Afternoon Yoga

In the late afternoon join us in the garden for class of kundalini yoga and meditation. Revitlise, get energised and rejuvenate.


This is a must do! What a really special experience this was. I was picked up before dawn and driven out into the countryside. The whole balloon thing was a first time experience. It was very safe and even the girl who was scared of heights felt quite safe and comfortable. To sail above the country side was so peaceful and relaxing. I learned that balloons don't have steering. They go up they go down and they go which ever way the wind blows. We scraped the tree tops on decent. Not only was the hot air balloon ride itself absolutely fantastic, but the crew was so friendly and did such a great job. We had a glass of champagne to celebrate becoming honorary Barons and Baronesses. Apparently, if you go up in a balloon for scientific purposes you get this honour bestowed on you by charter.

Mr. Connector

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