vintage art house



Bajtica - a chalet built 1905, surrounded by 19th Century summer villas, offers still today the classical “Vienna style” summer vacation.


Hidden in a large Chehov-like orchard garden,

a short walk through the historic municipal park away from the lake,

Bajtica offers the experience of a retreat typical of "once upon the time".

The house was built with the aim to provide families

a secluded summer retreat.

Situated in the peaceful area of Bled,

fully equipped and comfortable.

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Your stay in our house will offer you an experience the visitor once had at the turn of the 1900's when

Bajtica was first built.





Your breakfast will accompany the song of the birds and the scent of the flowers in the garden.

Tea & Art & History


A truly unique experience. Join us for a cup of tea or a glass of vine in the garden and you will hear about art, history, mysteries & other stories. 



The orchard garden offers a place for rest in the shade of the apple trees and provides a safe harbor for your children. 

Book a custom arranged tour

As officially accredited guides, we shall share with you the knowledge of Slovenia's art and history and monitor your paths to your own discovery.



Our house is only five hundred meters from the swimming resort, where you can refresh

in the lake.

Kundalini Yoga


You are welcome to join Kundalini yoga class in the garden. Revitalize, get energized and meditate with us.  





Discover Lake Bled


Move away from popular tourist spots and immerse yourself in a true body & mind & spirit journey in hidden places around Bled.

Practice Kundalini Yoga

Our certified kundalini yoga teacher will guide you to explore your soul, rejuvenate, energize and awaken your creative potential. Meditate and prosper.

Rise with hot air balloon


Upgrade your vacation with a

fairy-tale experience. Rise high in the morning silence over the beautiful landscape of Bled and its surrounding.

Hike in Triglav National Park

Don't hesitate hit out for a 

hiking adventure and discover the beauty of the pure and intact nature of the Julian Alps.

Book a massage


Pamper yourself with relaxing massage and sound bath of Tibetan bowls.

Art collection 


Enjoy the art collection created by the owner of Bajtica and find a suitable one for your own home. 



“We spent a very relaxing week in this lovely old house and beautiful garden. The house is full of antique furniture and books, the peaceful garden was scented with elderflowers and roses. AnaMarija was a wonderful host, providing a different breakfast every day, which we ate in the garden, and providing stimulating conversation. We were treated to cordials and jams made from fruit grown in the garden. Couldn't be more different from an identikit hotel. Highly recommended!”

                                  Basil from London